The Orion Mission

The Orion Resource Group is dedicated to creating awareness and making a positive contribution to society, with an overarching goal to help elders thrive with dignity, respect, and a superior quality of life.

We uphold our mission with five commitments that focus on key societal considerations around aging.:

  1. Foster understanding and appreciation of elders in society.
  2. Establish standards and a profession for caregiving.
  3. Attract youth to the elder care industry.
  4. Streamline the navigation and selection of appropriate elder care services.
  5. Eliminate elder abuse and neglect.

While each commitment stands on its own in terms of importance and necessity, the ideals are interconnected. Orion travels the path to its goal in two steps. First, we strive to understand the needs of elders in our society. Second, we work to ensure that a navigable, effective, and sustainable system is in place to support their needs. Orion members are excited and determined to meet the challenge of caring for elders. They understand the opportunity in front of them to make a real difference for how elders in our country are cared for, both now and in the future.

Portrait of an affectionate, senior, black couple outdoors on a sunny day. The man is sitting down and the woman is standing behind him. They are looking into each others eyes, laughing and holding hands.1. Foster understanding and appreciation of elders in society

The senior population in the US is already a force to be reckoned with and will continue to be so for decades to come.

Some data*:
14.5% of the population (46.2 million people) was 65+ in 2014
People 65+ is projected to more than double to 98 million by 2060
By 2040, 14.6 million Americans will be 85 years old or older

These statistics illustrate the compelling need and responsibility to learn about our older adults, their impact on society, and their diverse needs. Orion seeks to understand the role of elders in the U.S. today, anticipate their role in the future, acknowledge the complex relationships between older and younger family members, and educate others on the value of caring about, and for, America’s seniors.

*Principal sources of data cited per the Administration on Aging, Administration for Community Living site, Profile of Older Americans: 2015.

33333iStock_3145161_SMALL2. Establish standards and a profession for caregiving

Orion is committed to improving and empowering the lives of individuals who earn their living providing care to others. Care providers are special people who show a deep compassion and ability to tend to the basic living needs of others. People who work in nursing homes, assisted living communities, and private homes deserve the same support and respect as those working in other professions. Orion views looking after and educating those who care for others as a top priority. Access to formalized training and education plus adequate pay and benefits should be applied universally as the norm. Orion works with resource provider firms to help build their infrastructures and facilitate their ability to attract, motivate and strengthen caregiver talent. We also support initiatives and educate the community at large on the critical nature of this commitment as a result of the rapid expansion of the elder population.

Nurse bandaging up an injured senior mans arm in retirement home

3. Attract youth to the elder care industry

Attracting and keeping talent of all ages in the elder care industry already is a challenge. Orion looks to partner with educational institutions, the business community, fellow associates in the senior industry, and government to help young people better understand the needs of our senior population, specifically, who they are, what their concerns are, and how young people might contribute to make a difference. Younger professionals are needed in the talent pipeline as the aging community exponentially increases. To this end, Orion encourages the creation of meaningful mentorships between our members and students to pave the way for a smooth transition from their educational environment to the real business world. Orion members also work with elder care resource provider firms to build their organizations and strengthen their ability to provide meaningful work experiences. While this benefits people of all ages, Orion is particularly focused on what will attract, motivate, and retain those in the early stages of their education and careers.

A young businessman explaining information to an elderly manhttps://

4. Streamline the navigation and selection of appropriate elder care services

Sorting through the myriad services and care settings available to elders can be overwhelming and confusing, even for the most seasoned professionals. Older adults and their families need help figuring out whom to turn to and where to go for guidance on appropriate points of entry for services and care. Orion strives to streamline communications and expedite the delivery of information and care by working closely with targeted senior/elder resource providers who can help navigate the system. Orion seeks to create awareness, encourage dialogue, and foster collaboration among these providers, with an ultimate goal to create a network of knowledgeable and responsive “someones” who can ensure that appropriate resources are available and the right action is taken at the right time.

2222iStock_14713730_SMALL5. Eliminate elder abuse and neglect

Orion stands firm on “zero tolerance” for elder abuse in its various forms: physical, financial, mental, and/or neglect. The group seeks ways to help people recognize the signs of elder abuse and take action against this all-too-common tragedy. Furthermore, Orion advocates for improving the quality of caregiving at all levels to reduce the potential for abuse and neglect and looks for ways to educate, communicate, and create pathways to eradicate them.