Keeping Seniors At Home With the Help Of Technology

Keeping Seniors At Home

I have created a survey of technology, low and high, readily available that affords greater independence to seniors in their daily lives. You can see it at Keeping Seniors at Home with Help of Technology. These technologies provide safety to them as well as comfort to those that care for them. They are, by and large, affordable and will emerge as a democratizing force in the society. At this moment, aide is available for the poorest (vis-à-vis the entitlement structure) and the wealthiest. However, a great mass of American elders fall into a gap wherein they emerge receiving sub-par care, live lives with greater risk than necessary or are forced out of their homes to institutions that otherwise would not be indicated.

-Mark Zilberman, LCSW




  1. Todd Brickhouse says

    Great Work !! Would like to discuss some of your ideas in the New Year. Working with some folks
    at Stony brook University who have taken some similar ideas regarding technology and its applications
    for ” Aging in Place !!”

    I am a member of Long Islands Orion. You can learn more about our firm by stopping by ,

    Happy New Year,

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