Personal Document Locator

The Personal Document Locator is a detailed list of where one stores their important records, the contact information for primary advisors, family members, trustees and other important information. The list should be updated at least once a year to ensure its accuracy.

The list will be most helpful in the event of disability or death.

Please contact me at should you have any suggestions or comments.


Perry A. Shulman, CPA




2016 MacArthur Awards – Theater artist/educator changing how we view cognitively-challenged elders

Anne Basting is a theater artist and educator demonstrating the potential of storytelling and creative expression to improve the lives of elders experiencing cognitive impairment. Across a variety of formats and platforms—theater, memoir, narrative, collaborative public performance, and academic research—Basting has developed an alternative concept of aging, one that focuses on its possibilities as well as its challenges and views sustained emotional connections as critical to our well-being as we age. 


Technology Helps the Elderly Remain at Home

At the NYC chapter meeting on 2/10/16, a suggestion from a member to the problem of ensuring the safety of the elderly who live alone prompted me to investigate the use of technology.

Selfhelp Community Services, Inc. was formed initially to provide services to survivors of the Holocaust. They have since expanded and provide many services to the community at large.

Here is a link to a case study on their website that describes how they are using technology to monitor health and safety of the elderly in their own homes.

Remote Sensor Technology at Work – A Client's Story | Selfhelp – The Source for Independent Living