How Criminals Steal $37 Billion A Year from America’s Elderly MAY 3, 2018 • PAGE 4 OF 4

Use the  URL below to retrieve this article from the Financial Advisor publication.  Quite interesting.

Perry A. Shulman, CPA

Chair, Orion Elder Abuse Advocacy Committee 


How Criminals Steal $37 Billion A Year from America’s Elderly

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Panel Discussion at Orion Meeting 3/14

Thank you to the Manhattan program committee and Sonya Mittleman for the opportunity to be part of the panel along with Paul Tramontozzi, Mike LaMagna and Joe Lawliss.

For those not in attendance, much of the information presented can be gotten from the 2018 Consumer Guide; 6 Ways to Finance Chronic Healthcare.  All the contributors are Orion members.

The Guide can be downloaded from my website:



The theme of this article appearing in the February 2018 edition of the AARP Magazine is that in many cases, the people one knows best are most likely to cheat or swindle them.    Click below to retrieve the article:

Submitted by Perry A. Shulman, CPA  Chair, Elder Abuse Focus Committee  March 12, 2018




Medicaid Excess Income Spend Down

Happy new year to all!

My friend Valerie Bogart of the Evelyn Frank Legal Assistance Program at NYLAG just advised:


New “Pooled Trust Notification Bill” Passed!  

“Starting June 2018, new applicants for Medicaid – and people already receiving Medicaid who have a spend-down – must be given notice in plain language that explains the availability of supplemental needs trusts to eliminate the spend-down for people with income above the Medicaid income limits.   The notice shall include information on how to enroll in a trust and how to request the local Dept. of Social Services to re-budget income.”


This is really good news since many providers do not advise new enrollees about the need to see a qualified elder law attorney about this right.


Peter J. Strauss