Keeping Seniors At Home With the Help Of Technology

Keeping Seniors At Home

I have created a survey of technology, low and high, readily available that affords greater independence to seniors in their daily lives. You can see it at Keeping Seniors at Home with Help of Technology. These technologies provide safety to them as well as comfort to those that care for them. They are, by and large, affordable and will emerge as a democratizing force in the society. At this moment, aide is available for the poorest (vis-à-vis the entitlement structure) and the wealthiest. However, a great mass of American elders fall into a gap wherein they emerge receiving sub-par care, live lives with greater risk than necessary or are forced out of their homes to institutions that otherwise would not be indicated.

-Mark Zilberman, LCSW



Personal Document Locator

The Personal Document Locator is a detailed list of where one stores their important records, the contact information for primary advisors, family members, trustees and other important information. The list should be updated at least once a year to ensure its accuracy.

The list will be most helpful in the event of disability or death.

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Perry A. Shulman, CPA




October 20 Presentation: Elder Law for the Non-Elder Law Attorney

Back by popular demand! Now that summer is over the realities of life will set in soon for you clients, their friends, and relatives. Be prepared! Learn to recognize and navigate through the rules, regulations, and legal issues affecting seniors and the chronically ill. Additionally, you will come to understand that tax planning no longer drives estate planning and how the quickly changing healthcare landscape is impacting the face of elder law.

This is not your regular CLE! You will learn the basics of elder law and special needs planning, Medicare, Medicaid, insurance and elder tax issues using case law and statutes along with real time practice examples. The course will provide you with information and resources that are not only valuable to your practice, but position you to be the "go-to-person" on issues of elder law. 


Date: Thursday, October 20

Time: 9:00am-11:00am

Location: UBS

Address: 1251 Avenue of the Americas, 2nd Floor (between 49th and 50th)

New York, NY 10020


Contact Roy Fenichel,, for more information or to register for the event.  


Virtual Dementia Tour / Certified Program offered by Right at Home In Home Care

Certified Educational Program by Right at Home!Virtual Dementia Tour®Giving Caregivers a New Perspective Geriatric specialists know that quality care begins with family members and professional caregivers who are sensitive, patient and kind. But how can those who care for the elderly be empathetic when they have never experienced old age in its fragile state?To examine this issue, a “Virtual Dementia Tour®” (VDT®) was created by Atlanta-based Second Wind Dreams®, a national non-profit organization founded by P.K. Beville, M.S. in 1997 to fulfill dreams for those living in elder care communities and to research ways to improve their quality of life. Participants’ physical, sensory, and cognitive abilities were temporarily altered with props and circumstances to simulate changes associated with aging. Participant behaviors observed during the VDT® included repetitive actions, verbal abuse, refusal to follow directions, rummaging and sub-vocalizations. Confusion caused 35% of the participants to withdraw completely. Another 22% repeatedly made negative self-statements.Second Wind Dreams® researchers recognized these behaviors as coping strategies for those suffering from confusion. They believe the responses they witnessed may be normal in those with dementia. The study allowed observers to more clearly see likely causes for depression and withdrawal in the elderly. Pre- and post-VDT® examinations assessed participants’ vital signs and explored their attitudes about caring for dementia residents. Of greatest concern was the post-test response by 55% of participants who said they didn’t feel the elderly receive the care they need. Ninety-four percent of study participants responded that it is crucial and necessary to undergo sensitivity training like this in order to provide good care to residents with dementia.Over 180,000 individuals representing elder care communities, corporations, caregivers, municipal employees and nonprofit organizations have completed the tour. The VDT® has been featured in numerous national media. The Virtual Dementia Tour® is part of a series of sensitivity training with proceeds from the sale of the kits going to the non-profit Second Wind Dreams®.


BIG WIN for corporate employees: Deloitte expands paid leave to included eldercare

The latest step in family-friendly benefits: paid leave for all caregiving, including eldercare.

In recent years, a parade of blue chip employers, mainly in the technology, financial-services and professional-services industries, have been competing to offer ever more generous parental-leave benefits. On Thursday professional-services firm Deloitte LLP is announcing that it will offer up to 16 weeks of fully paid leave for a wide range of caregiving, including maternity and paternity leave, eldercare and aid for other sick family members or partners.

Family Leave Gaining Momentum in the Workplace

Big changes at blue-chip companies last year changed life for a lot of new parents, but there is still a long way to go. Inc., Microsoft Corp., Accenture, Netflix Inc., Blackstone Group LP, Nestlé SA and others have expanded paid leave for new parents and added benefits such as shipping breast milk and paying for family nannies to…