Finra Fights Elder Fraud


Starting February 5, financial brokers will have two new tools to try to stop elder financial
abuse. On that day, Finra is enacting rules to make it easier for brokers to bring an outside party into a situation where financial abuse or exploitation of an elderly person is suspected, and to allow brokers to delay payments from an account if something seems suspicious. Read more…

Finra Fights Elder Fraud
Financial Advisor Magazine


Perry A. Shulman, CPA, Chair – Orion Resource Group Elder Abuse Advocacy Committee



A How-To Networking Guide For Niche Industry Professionals Via Forbes

Understanding the needs of your client base and earning their trust is critical, and working in a niche industry can present unique challenges. When done appropriately, networking can play a key role in addressing each of these goals. Read more


How a near fatal accident uncovered a broken home care system

Ron Gold Speaking at TEDx NJIT

When a head-on bicycling crash with an SUV crushed my spine and left me a paraplegic in 2011, I found very little inspiration from my very broken body. That is, until I realized how my broken body could be the impetus to help fix America’s broken home care system.


Insurance Agents……..Greedy & Money Grubbing?

Over the past 20 years I have seen numerous articles in well-respected newspapers and magazines maligning insurance agents as being primarily motivated by greed and not working in the best interest of the client.

President Kennedy understood our worth when he said:

“I can think of no more effective agent in advancing our freedom to live as we choose than the insurance salesman. This man knows the economic pulse of the country as few men may, for he walks all streets of American life and he sits down and talks to youth and to the mature and to the aged. He knows their wants. He helps them to help themselves in times of need. He builds, for he helps others to build. He insures the future. He is respected. And he is a friend.”

The following URL links to an article that explains what reporters often miss.

9 Tips for Purchasing Life Insurance From a “Greedy” Insurance Agent

Meet Google Drive – One place for all your files

Google Drive is a free way to keep your files backed up and easy to reach from any phone, tablet, or computer. Start with 15GB of Google storage – free.


BIG WIN for corporate employees: Deloitte expands paid leave to included eldercare

The latest step in family-friendly benefits: paid leave for all caregiving, including eldercare.

In recent years, a parade of blue chip employers, mainly in the technology, financial-services and professional-services industries, have been competing to offer ever more generous parental-leave benefits. On Thursday professional-services firm Deloitte LLP is announcing that it will offer up to 16 weeks of fully paid leave for a wide range of caregiving, including maternity and paternity leave, eldercare and aid for other sick family members or partners.

Family Leave Gaining Momentum in the Workplace

Big changes at blue-chip companies last year changed life for a lot of new parents, but there is still a long way to go. Inc., Microsoft Corp., Accenture, Netflix Inc., Blackstone Group LP, Nestlé SA and others have expanded paid leave for new parents and added benefits such as shipping breast milk and paying for family nannies to…