About Orion

Lighting the Way for Navigating the Elder Care Universe

Orion is one of the most recognized constellations in the night sky because it contains more bright stars grouped together than any other cluster. The Orion constellation is also relied upon as a key navigational tool for locating other stars in the sky.

The Orion Resource Group embodies these same traits. Orion members are bright, recognized professionals who serve as guides in virtually all areas of senior and elder concerns. We are committed to knowing one another personally and connecting with fellow members outside of our own areas of expertise to share our specialized knowledge to benefit others.

Pure Passion for Quality and Caring

All Orion members are known for their “quality of character”. This is essentially defined by their caring and compassion towards others and passion for their work. Since Orion’s founding in 2001, an individual’s quality of character has been, and still is today, the single most important criteria for member consideration. To become a member, prospective members must first be personally sponsored by a current member. Individuals must also attend at least one Orion elder care meeting and be aligned with the caring philosophy of the group. In this way Orion can assure its standing as an ongoing vibrant, credible and reliable source of talent for elder related concerns.

Whether working in corporate settings, at small to medium-size firms, or as independent consultants, Orion professionals apply their wide-ranging expertise to help one another and others navigate an expanding universe of eldercare concerns, covering:

  • Trusts and Estates Law
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Insurance
  • Residence Options: In-home, Assisted Living, Nursing Home
  • Moving and Transitions
  • Geriatric Care Management
  • Home Health and Companion Care
  • Health and Wellness
  • Elder Advocacy
  • Creative Arts … and more.

We are a growing group of senior and elder care specialists who value one another and working for the benefit of our clients and loved ones. Our members share a common “give-to-receive” ideology, welcoming calls for advice, information, and ideas. Most importantly, members operate with the utmost integrity and convey an empathetic and enthusiastic attitude toward their work and treatment of others.

What Sets Orion Apart

Orion members:

  • Bring a wide spectrum of subject matter expertise to the table
  • Are hand-selected by their peers
  • Are known for their depth of caring for fellow members and those they serve
  • Value “people” as well as professional relationships
  • Are dedicated to the commitments and principles for which Orion stands
  • Are ready and willing to share their knowledge with others
  • Confront elder concerns and challenges head on

These attributes give members the unique opportunity to be of tremendous value to their own world of contacts (clients, colleagues, family, friends and others). As a result, members enhance their own personal value which, in turn, helps their businesses prosper. Orion members together are singularly focused on one goal: For elders to thrive in society with dignity, respect and a superior quality of life.

Meetings Share Information and Build Connections

The Orion Resource Group holds regular monthly meetings, currently in Long Island, New York City and Westchester. Presentations by senior care experts, spirited discussions, personal introductions and networking help members stay current on news and events affecting the industry.

Additional meetings held during the year focus on ways members can hone a broad range of business skills to enhance their effectiveness. These sessions are “entrepreneurial” in spirit and appeal across the board, regardless of the business environment in which members work or the people they serve.

Becoming an Orion Member

We welcome specialists currently engaged in senior/elder care, business professionals exploring new pathways in the senior arena and students with a passion for elders. Orion membership best benefits those who share and act upon our core philosophy of being a trusted resource to fellow members and the community. Individuals interested in becoming a member must be recommended and personally sponsored by a current Orion member.